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Assess Your Advertising Needs

We will help you define your advertising and marketing needs and create a viable strategy to help your company successfully reach your target market and develop your company brand.


Tailor a Strategic Plan for your Business

Once we have determined the desired result of working with our agency, we will create a strategic plan with your budget in mind that will develop your business' visability.


Increase Brand Awareness & Visability

Engage your audience with creative advertising and marketing solutions. Market your business with outside the box ideas and successfully build a campaign around your company's brand.

Featured Services

Media Buying

Our multi dimensional approach to media buying factors in more than the numbers, it factors in Colorado Consumers.

We are natives to Colorado and have our fingers on the pulse of our local consumer buying trends. That means we are planning your campaign on what the consumers here in your local market are doing, not nationally. When we place buys we take into account the local landscape of business, consumer trends, and actual local market knowledge. Your customers are here, and so are we.

We specialize in media buying for all types of broadcast media to include television, cable television, radio, internet radio to include Pandora, Spotify, and internet buys such as YouTube and web advertising. Print and digital media buying form newspaper to billboards and all magazines in between.

Branding & Print Design

Your business' credibility is partly dependent on how your company presents itself through a well thought out brand identity online as well as offline. On top of designing a company logo, we’ll help you develop a brand identity that resonates with your customer base and adds value to your company. Take control of your company’s presence with a creatively crafted brand identity from a respected design agency. A well designed brand should not only deliver your message clearly, but evokes emotion that creates loyalty and subconsciously motivates the buyer.

Jen Barry Productions will take that custom brand identity and create cohesive print collateral for every advertising occasion from magazine and newspaper ads, business cards and other branding materials, brochures, flyers, billboards, car wraps and signage.

In today’s technology age, we seem to always be connected to something digital. Therefore, people tend to really connect with ads and articles they can hold in their hands. That’s the reason Jen Barry Productions believes that magazine advertising, newspaper advertising and print mailers are still very effective strategies for connecting with your target audience.

Entrusting your print collateral and branding designs to our creative design agency ensures that you will have a qualified and experienced team of graphic designers and printers making sure what we design reflects your business effectively. Their talent, coupled with their experience, can help you create great marketing pieces that will make an impact on your industry.

Web & Digital Design

Marketing is an entirely new game these days. Digital tools have transformed the way we track, reach and interact with new customers. It’s time to modernize your marketing for today’s world and build a strong online presence.

Here at Jen Barry Productions we have extensive digital design experience and know that creative, appealing design is essential when doing business online. Why then would you entrust the effectiveness of your online marketing, your ideas, and your website to people who have little experience with creating an online presence? We understand that when you are carrying out a marketing campaign online, it is imperative that you keep a strong focus on creative, and appealing visuals.

We will bring your website to life with your brand in mind, seamless navigation and interactive features but also combine it with exceptional marketing, social media and SEO expertise to deliver a website that will put in work for you.

Special Event Planning & Promotion

For every event from Grand Openings, Holiday Parties, Charity Events, Non Profits, to Red Carpet Galas, Jen Barry Productions provides complete event planning to include rentals, catering, DJ and entertainment services, venues, invites, online ticket sales and more! From start to finish your event will be more than special, it will be unforgettable.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has transformed the way we reach and interact with new customers. In order to stay relevant in today's world we need a continuous commitment to create, build and maintain a social media presence and following.

At Jen Barry Productions we understand that not every business owner has the time, knowledge or commitment to keep up with the latest social media marketing and advertising trends. We know that you need followers to engage with your brand and in order to keep them following you and interacting with your company in a positive way, your consistency and continual relevant content upload is necessary.

We have you covered! Our Social Media Specialist is experienced in new ways to interact with your followers and generate new ones!


From concept to deliverable, we can deliver great ideas for your video production and post-production needs.

Our on staff videographer can shoot on location as well as “green screen” production. Specializing in HD Video, our motion graphics capabilities add another dimension to sweetening your video content, whether it’s a fancy intro, after effects or something more custom like a short infographic for your logo or brand. Our suite of video tools will also make your final video truly professional, whether it’s a video for Television Commercial, web advertising, a trade show presentation, or a sales tool.

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